Test and Tag

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What is Test and Tag?

Test and Tag is the name given to the process of checking that all electrical equipment within a workplace has been assessed and is safe. Workcover NSW had declared Test and Tag to be mandatory in all workplaces in NSW at a minimum of every 12 months (can be more often in some work environments).

Every item needs to be unplugged, assessed, and then returned to service, an adhesive tag is attached to the cord of the item that has been assessed. RCD’s (Residual Current Device – often recognised as the safety cut off switch in your fuse box) also need to be tested to ensure everyone is safe. A full report is presented as proof of your compliance.

How Will Electrotech Industries Test and Tag?

Electrotech Industries is a Test and Tag specialist.  We’ll make sure that every item is checked and is safe.  But also importantly, we understand the need to turn up when we say we will, and to be professional and as close to invisible as possible – we know you don’t want your workplace disrupted.

We hear of the frustrations over tradies turning up late, or even not showing up at all.  We also hear of the challenges of trying to maintain workflow in the presence of a disruptive technician.  And so, with our mission of returning to you each year for your tagging requirements, we tick all your boxes to make sure you are happy.

If you want more information or would like to talk to one of our specialists, give us a call on 0409 786 358 or fill out the form below. 

When and Where Will Electrotech Industries Test and Tag?

When we’re talking with you about your requirements, we’ll be able to give you a pretty good indication of how long the process will take. We can arrange to come during your core operating hours if you feel we can slip in without being in anyone’s way… or we can arrange to come outside of hours – this means that we’re met by someone to unlock to give us access, and then met again as we’re done so the office can be locked up again. We are happy to provide this sort of flexibility for our customers.

Test and tag is a mobile service. Being based on the NSW Central Coast, we comfortably service greater Sydney (from the eastern suburbs, around the south-west and western suburbs, and of course we’re regularly on the northern beaches and hills district). Anywhere on the Central Coast – both Gosford and Tuggerah ends, and across Newcastle and Lake Macquarie.

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If you’ve found this page during normal business hours, by all means just give us a call now on 0409 786 358.  But if it’s after hours, just fill in this quick contact form and let us know when you’d like a returned call… our aim is to make this as easy and as pleasant as possible for you.

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